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auto1.jpg (64061 bytes) 1880's Incredible and Rare 24 inch L.B. working Seven Movement Automaton Richly dressed this automaton can steal the show in any collection.  The head moves, the tongue goes in and out each hand moves, each foot moves and his back moves.  All with a wind of his key.  It is all in excellent working condition.  This is an early automaton.  The face is wonderfully painted paper mache. Made by L.B. in the 1880's.  Kept in a smoke free, temp controlled home.  This is an all time stopper. $18,000.00 firm

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auto20.jpg (73860 bytes)auto21.jpg (43078 bytes) Automaton  $11,000.00

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auto10.jpg (26796 bytes) 18 inch Automaton All Original
Excellent working condition $8,000.00

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happysad3.jpg (34368 bytes) 15 inch All Original Rare closed mouth 2 Faced Bisque Head Doll  Beautiful and Unique, and a conversation piece marks this wonderful doll of charm and wit. This doll belonged to the famous author Laura Starr who wrote "The Doll Book" 1909.  This doll was make circa 1880-1890   One face is sad and the other happy. All one does is spin the face where as the other face is hidden under the wig.  Both are closed mouth faces. This doll has been keep in a smoke free, temp controlled condition.  Bisque, compo Body, and clothes all original and in excellent condition.  The silk hat and dress and laces are very tastefully made.   The socks and leather shoes with silver buckles and buttons are silver. The glass set eyes on both faces are set and are fine threaded blue.  Mark this one a very big 10.  $4,000.00             more pics 1 2
walker2.jpg (72912 bytes) RARE GRAND WALKER 24 inches S&H

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swimmer2.jpg (62672 bytes)auto102.jpg (34494 bytes)auto101.jpg (19387 bytes) Rare Swimmer in all Working Excellent Condition Wind him up and he swims.  His arms and legs go back and forth.  He is in all working excellent condition.  Year made, circa:1880's.  His bisque head is in excellent condition, no cracks, chips, hairlines, etc.  Eyes are blown glass, blue.  Facial paint painted quite well.  Body wood in excellent condition.  Clothing blue cotton period clothing.  Measures 13 inches.$1,600.00                   more pics 1  2
DSCN6027.JPG (162725 bytes)
Antique Bird Cage Circa 1920's All Original and working excellent

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mechanicalbear.jpg (42538 bytes)mechanicalbear2.jpg (49876 bytes)mechanicalbear3.jpg (49558 bytes) RARE 1920 MINT MECHANICAL BEAR R.D. FRANCE 15 inches Wind him up and it moves. glass eyes  $900.00
auto213.jpg (27354 bytes)auto214.jpg (38873 bytes)
German circa 1890-1900
All original in excellent condition
Press the wood button in the belly and he moves
$900.00 comes in glass dome

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auto200.jpg (11289 bytes)auto201.jpg (20557 bytes) circa 1920 R.D. Excellent condition, Excellent working condition  $850.00

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auto204.jpg (25136 bytes)auto205.jpg (33532 bytes)
Circa 1920  made by R.D.
Excellent condition, excellent working condition

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auto209.jpg (34431 bytes)auto210.jpg (37806 bytes)
Circa 1935 Made by R.D.
All in excellent condition, excellent working condition

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auto220.jpg (43084 bytes)
Buy all 3 and you get the case free


1905 RD MECHANICAL CAT (rare color). 16 inches without tail. This tempermental cat No fur loss. wind it up and it walks, moves his head and opens and closes mouth $450.00

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