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jewelry208.jpg (48357 bytes)jewelry207.jpg (36977 bytes) White 14K gold watch Quality Diamond's
small wrist $1,200.00
necklace2.jpg (46747 bytes)necklace1.jpg (141631 bytes) "STUNNING 1950 Mint Costume DIAMOND NECKLACE"
Belonged to May Murry  (silent screen actress)  We have other non jewelry items of hers, please inquire.  Measures: fits neck 13 1/2 to 161/2 adjustable.  Why buy the real diamonds when you can have this light catcher at a fraction the price?  If not totally pleased you may return it after 2 days.
necklace20.jpg (91681 bytes)necklace21.jpg (96070 bytes) "RICH" 1939 AURORA BOREALIS 3 STRAND NECKLACE
THE VERY BEST I EVER SAW!!!   My father-in law made this necklace. It is made with the FINEST of "CRYSTAL" It is in excellent condition. The clasps have each 4 rhinestones.  GOLD beads on between each crystal. It is adjustable. fits 12-14" neck I would have kept it but it is to small for my 14 1/2 inch neck.  If not happy return it in 3 days.  $175.00
jewelry203.jpg (100098 bytes)jewelry204.jpg (120180 bytes) Solid Silver Sun Dial Hand Made Both Sides the same.  Heavy, $250.00 Solid Silver Chain $125.00 also Hand Made
Pins10.jpg (57520 bytes) EYE STOPPER Hand made GEMS by DEBORAH SALL
F.I.T. Graduate  Made with circa 1890's Laces and GEM STONE buttons. YES to fashion. pin.   3 1/2x5"  earring's 2x3" "P" extra light weight.  3 day return policy.  $125.00
pins11.jpg (129124 bytes) 1890's Buttons and Lace PIN & EARRINGS SET
Designed and made by: Deborah Sall with aim to please.
"Another one of a kind fashion to please the eye"
Pin: 3x4 inch   Earrings: 1  1/2  x 1  1/2 inch  P
light weight   $100.00
jewelry20.jpg (52784 bytes) 1930 ANTIQUE BUTTONS "PIN & MATCHING EARRINGS Designed and made by, Deborah Sall
"Smart cluster of happy small fashions in a big way"  Light weight Fashion stopper: pin  4x4 1/2     earrings 2x2 clip  $95.00
jewelry205.jpg (105728 bytes)jewelry206.jpg (72194 bytes) Solid Silver Sun $70.00 Solid Silver Chain, heavy  $90.00
jewelry210.jpg (59850 bytes) Solid silver 3 1/2 in charm for necklace
pin3.jpg (60521 bytes) Wonderful cameo Pin mint  $65.00
Jewelry200.jpg (89003 bytes) Solid Silver Precious Stones Hand Made
jewelry209.jpg (72867 bytes) Solid silver and precious stone Pin
antique  $35.00
pin.jpg (93169 bytes) BEAUTIFUL Gold pin   $35.00
jewelry201.jpg (105613 bytes) Glass 1930's Wonderful Delicate Beads
pin2.jpg (58239 bytes) Fun hand made pin  $25.00
bracelet1.jpg (32441 bytes)bracelet2.jpg (31055 bytes) Gold AVON world bracelet mint condition
It reads peace in several tungs.  $20.00  SOLD
jewelry202.jpg (100973 bytes) Glass and Gold Beads from Israel
2 sizes $20.00 and  $25.00
pin4.jpg (47313 bytes) Fun puzzle pin   $10.00