German Dolls
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doll650.jpg (26387 bytes)doll651.jpg (45069 bytes) All original Googly excellent condition $13,000
doll318.jpg (56954 bytes)
Hilda 19 inch German Character
Toddler  All Original in Excellent condition Silk and French hand made embroidered jacket and hat.  Face painted perfect
cream of the crop  $6,400

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doll632.jpg (51579 bytes)doll634.jpg (31488 bytes)
German, S&H 19 1/2 inch marked 939 (VERY RARE OILY BISQUE!!!)
All original in EXCELLENT condition
Some of the silk dress is in aged condition.  I bought this doll from Sotheby's.  Tags attached owned by a world know collector Aunt Lem!!!!!!  Doll wears 2 ribbons  1.Collection of Aunt Len's Toy and Doll Museum 1994 Sotheby's, New York (green)  2. 1977 second place United federation of Doll Clubs 28th annual Exhibit San Diego California (red)   $5,600
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DSCN3951.JPG (106338 bytes)DSCN3728.JPG (177706 bytes)
Black Hilda  Character German  16 inch  Toddler body  All original in excellent condition

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doll431.jpg (27926 bytes)doll432.jpg (45672 bytes) 22 inch AO Beauty  One of the first dolls  Simon & Halbig made  719 S&H Germany  Excellent condition  $4,600
oriental20.jpg (39287 bytes) 18 inch German Excellent Condition Early Redressed $3,950.00

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doll420.jpg (36385 bytes)doll419.jpg (23701 bytes)
The doll is in excellent condition except for a few wig pulls under the wig and three fingers have been repaired. Right hand,
All original except the pate was replaced with cardboard.
Kammer & Reinhardt German  Beautiful pouty face!!!!!
13 inches marked   K*R 114 Ball fully- Jointed compo body
toddler   $3,500
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doll410.jpg (49660 bytes) 25 inch AO 1159 Lady Doll All Original Excellent Condition $3,250.00
kestner2.jpg (85352 bytes)kestner1.jpg (56972 bytes) 12 inch German Kestner pouty close mouth $3,000.00
doll433.jpg (25325 bytes)doll434.jpg (38181 bytes) Santa 1149 25 inches. all original excellent condition. $2,600.00
doll422.jpg (67058 bytes)doll421.jpg (28443 bytes) 28 inch German All Original Excellent Condition $2,000
DSCN8442.JPG (31679 bytes) 24 inch German beauty All Original Excellent Condition $1,800

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DSCN7036.JPG (60683 bytes)DSCN7034.JPG (24595 bytes)
22 inch German doll
All Original in her hand made black dress Excellent Condition

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kr2.jpg (95442 bytes) All Original Rare 10 inch 126 K*R
Year made, circa: 1909  The bisque head is finer then finer.  You CAN NOT find better. Mint with no problems.  This doll deserves a show case buy itself. No damages in anyway. Eyes: expressive glass blue. facial paint: Perfection Body: 5 piece toddler body, star fish hands  and a fat little belly in excellent condition Wig also original in mint condition. Clothing: All original costume, hat matching dress with hand embroidery (with original paper  Gretel  Denmark Copanhagen) Costume made of a fine light wool has some moth holes. A few on the sides and a few in the back......they add charm! Socks and Shoes: White socks. White high quality leather shoes  ties in front, eyelets silver. soft balls for decoration  All Original Excellent Condition $1,600.00
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doll316.jpg (67307 bytes)doll319.jpg (39179 bytes) 15 inch German 192 K*R All Original Excellent Condition A face to die for $1,500.00  
doll435.jpg (28365 bytes)doll436.jpg (45327 bytes) 18 inch AO RARE RD All Original Excellent Condition  $1,400.00
doll415.jpg (42925 bytes)doll416.jpg (56009 bytes) 8 inch AM AO All Original Excellent Condition 


walker 2.JPG (49424 bytes)walker 3.JPG (64627 bytes)
22"  S&H RD key wind Flirty eyed.
bisque head marked and in excellent condition.
No chips, hairlines, cracks etc.
All Original, excellent condition.  Factory dress.
One shoe is missing
The dolls legs move slow as the mechanism may have to be cleaned.

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doll507.jpg (36151 bytes)doll506.jpg (30727 bytes) RARE! 11 inch "Skippy" incised 126 Hertel Schwab Toddler!!! AO blue sleep eyes Beautiful face. All Original Excellent Condition $1,200.00
heubach1.jpg (51267 bytes) ALL ORIGINAL 7 inch HEUBACH 9573 Googly  Shy, but sweet as can be.  adoption fee: All Original Excellent Condition $1,200.00
doll411.jpg (35754 bytes)doll412.jpg (23746 bytes) 10 inch 121 Beauty Excellent  condition
AO $1,200 as seen with 2 1907 dolls
doll627.jpg (46012 bytes)doll628.jpg (21001 bytes)
Bisque head German, Heubach a cream puff of a face
all original in excellent condition.  Early repaint (excellent, I might add)
also small fray of straw in tom front of hat.

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doll804.jpg (15645 bytes)doll805.jpg (29061 bytes)
Circa 1875-85
12 inch Early Rare Belton all original.
Excellent condition except for a firing crack on ear back and a earring chip on same ear.  A few minor wig pulls.  I mention all defects on my website. 

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doll418.jpg (46566 bytes)doll417.jpg (36261 bytes) 10 inch Marked 143 German Kestner Bisque Head All Original Excellent Condition A face to die for $1,000.00
doll600.jpg (19857 bytes)doll602.jpg (16392 bytes)
7.5 inch Bisque Head German doll all original in excellent condition

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doll426.jpg (41361 bytes)doll425.jpg (29954 bytes) 22 inch German Bisque AO excellent condition with her all bisque ribbon doll All Original Excellent Condition $975.00
DSCN7029.JPG (40053 bytes)DSCN7032.JPG (52419 bytes) 5 inch Bisque head beauty $800
doll429.jpg (26684 bytes)doll430.jpg (38040 bytes)
24 in German doll  marked in script G.B.  All original in excellent condition  Beautiful, pictures do not do justice.  $800

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DSCN7022.JPG (37726 bytes)DSCN7023.JPG (68557 bytes) 18 inch German oily face Excellent Condition Redressed $800
doll406.jpg (25728 bytes) 5 in melon mouth Heubach AO Excellent condition All Original
German202.jpg (37196 bytes) Unusual German doll made for the French market 5 inch All Original All bisque 5 piece body doll.  Swivel head.  MARK THIS ONE A TEN.  Ths doll is to die for,   Ornate original dress with matching hat.  Deep rich blue glass eyes.  Full face with colorful cheeks.  Her face is painted to perfection.  The bisque face is pure as a power puff.  Her bent arms are as detailed as every finger.  Her long thin legs have blue ribbed molded socks.  She wears  a finely painted pair of shoes with details of bows in the front, heals and one strap. $650.00  more pics 1
doll427.jpg (28490 bytes)doll428.jpg (42009 bytes) 20" 1009 with her all bisque doll.
$650.00 AO excellent condition
DSCN7014.JPG (73441 bytes)DSCN7013.JPG (37833 bytes) 7.5 inch German doll All Bisque Marked 150 in back of head All Original Excellent Condition Her Face is do die for  $650

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German doll 3.JPG (20627 bytes)German doll 2.JPG (52645 bytes) All Original German


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DSCN6823.JPG (87296 bytes)DSCN6824.JPG (381948 bytes) 20 inch German All Original Excellent Condition $600
doll407.jpg (74041 bytes)doll408.jpg (88769 bytes) 2 all bisque head dolls in original case. Glass eyes. AO
excellent aged condition.  One arm of girl doll has been repaired.  All Original  $475.00
RA1.jpg (67461 bytes) Beautiful 20 inch R.A. German Bisque Head Doll
Marked: Made in Germany R5A Made by Recknagel circa 1890 - 1900 The bisque head is in excellent condition. No hairlines, cracks, chips, etc.  Her open closed eyes are an expressive brown.  The face is painted quite will.  On the left eyebrow is a small firing flaw.  Her mouth is open with four teeth.  The ball jointed body is in excellent condition.  It is not repainted.  She wears a slip and underwear.  The socks are white in excellent condition.  The shoes are black leather in excellent condition.  She wears a hand made period outfit of a rich cream satin. $475.00
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DSCN0369.JPG (260756 bytes)DSCN0368.JPG (173408 bytes)
German 24 in
Marked Wilkure Germany
circa 1902-05 Excellent Condition Redressed no shoes


doll306.jpg (82274 bytes) 8 inch all bisque German Character Boy  All Original, Marked Germany.  Painted to perfection Mint condition. $400.00

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am.jpg (39823 bytes) Beautiful 22 in. A.M. 390 Bisque Head Doll
Open  close  blue threaded  glass eyes.  Marked: Made in Germany 390 A7M Circa: 1890 - 1900.  Bisque in excellent condition.  No cracks, hairlines, chips, etc.  Open mouth with four teeth.  Her face is painted to perfection.  The molding is pristine. The hair is real hair and original to the doll.  The body is in excellent condition and not repainted.  The dress is original and in excellent condition.  She is wearing a full slip and pantaloons.  Her socks reach her knees and she is wearing white shoes.  Everyone should have a 390 in their collection.  Especially one like this that I mark a ten. $400.00
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doll313.jpg (27725 bytes) 5 in. early GEM Blue glass eyed Beauty All Bisque, closed mouth, Round face, Bent arms. Jointed arms and legs all original GEM marked made in Germany  Painted to perfection The purest of bisque. All Original Excellent Condition $400.00

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DSCN7791.JPG (39040 bytes)DSCN7794.JPG (48004 bytes) 4.5 inch German All Original Excellent Condition $400
DSCN7798.JPG (47755 bytes)DSCN7801.JPG (42332 bytes) 5 inch German all bisque with baby All Original Excellent Condition $325

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doll304.jpg (94161 bytes) German all bisque, glass eyed all original doll.
closed mouth, mint condition.

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am1.jpg (38095 bytes) Beautiful 7 12 in DEP Armand Marseille 1894 Doll Bisque head marked A.M. 1894 11/0 DEP This doll is ALL ORIGINAL in MINT CONDITION The open/shut glass threaded eyes are blue.  Open mouth with 4 teeth. 5 piece compo body with black high ribbed socks and brown painted healed shoes with one strap. Just a little darling. $300.00
DSCN7445.JPG (49251 bytes)DSCN7447.JPG (48385 bytes) 4.5 inches German Bisque Head All Original Excellent Condition $300
doll604.jpg (20827 bytes)
4.5 in All Bisque darling German doll All original in excellent condition
painted eyes $300.00

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doll307.jpg (57956 bytes) 4 1/4 in. Bisque head swivel head painted eyed doll All Original Excellent Condition $275.00
doll409.jpg (88768 bytes) 5" AO mint Bye-Low baby Germany All Original Excellent Condition $275.00
parian 1.JPG (48779 bytes)parian 2.JPG (43376 bytes)
Early Untinted 10 inch German Parian Doll  Mint Bisque head and lower limbs.  Painted to perfection. All Original Excellent Condition
Silk blue dress  $250.00


doll608.jpg (30231 bytes)doll609.jpg (31930 bytes)
3.5 German all bisque set all original in excellent condition $200.00


DSCN0377.JPG (97717 bytes)DSCN0374.JPG (89639 bytes) All Bisque Doll hand knitted outfit Excellent Condition in wooden doll carriage $150

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doll621.jpg (27480 bytes)doll622.jpg (26895 bytes)
german all bisque early knitted dress.
painted eyes.
All in excellent condition $150


doll652.jpg (73831 bytes)doll653.jpg (86000 bytes)
German all bisque, excellent condition
redressed $150


antique 13.JPG (47797 bytes) 5" AO Mint  German Bisque head Doll All Original Excellent Condition $125.00
antique 5.JPG (17702 bytes)antique 6.JPG (34318 bytes) 8 inch German Bisque Head beauty. All Original Excellent Condition some hair missing out of back of head $125.00
antique 9.JPG (15692 bytes) All bisque AO German baby bent limbs All Original Excellent Condition $100.00
DSCN0370.JPG (85234 bytes)DSCN0372.JPG (146401 bytes) 5 inch German bisque All Original $100
antique 8.JPG (17281 bytes) 5 inch German All bisque some bisque discoloration by wire $95.00
antique 1.JPG (35164 bytes) German all Bisque bathing beauty $95.00
antique 3.JPG (23405 bytes)antique 4.JPG (36412 bytes) AO Mint 8 inch China head German Doll $75.00
doll623.jpg (46264 bytes) all bisque 4.5 inch German crudely painted but excellent condition and all original  $75.00
doll613.jpg (21908 bytes)
doll614.jpg (31914 bytes)doll619.jpg (42936 bytes)doll620.jpg (25192 bytes)
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doll706.jpg (19453 bytes)doll710.jpg (41386 bytes) more pics  1  2  3
doll808.jpg (22810 bytes)doll811.jpg (39908 bytes)
26 inch mechanical walker.
All original in excellent condition

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