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bru3.jpg (48785 bytes) Circle Dot Bru

$17,000   SOLD

doll655.jpg (21741 bytes)doll654.jpg (14335 bytes)
All Original 17 inch closed mouth C series Steiner Doll
Circa 1880's  Jointed compo body with straight wrists
marked behind the head, steiner  B.S.G.D.G
The bisque is flawless, no cracks, Hairlines, repairs.
The French shoes are marked on the bottom.
The eyes have a lever on the side to make them open and close.
Doll $9,800.00
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jumeau2.jpg (78228 bytes) FRENCH All Original Fabulous 23 inch E.J. JUMEAU  Year made, circa: 1880's.  Her bisque head is in mint condition with no cracks, hairlines, chips, etc. No pepper marks just pure honey.  Eyes: wild deep threaded blue set.  facial paint: Perfection, perfection, Perfection Body: comp with straight wrists.  Her hair is real hair and also original in excellent condition.  Clothing: Original white cotton with fine lace. Full slip and pantaloons to match.  Socks in excellent condition except for small stain ring shown in picture.  Shoes are also original. Black leather with silver buckles.  Marked in back of head Depose E 10 J with the artists red mark H  Body Marked in blue Jumeau  medaille D'or Paris.  This doll steals the show. $8,500.00 SOLD  more pics 1
doll801.jpg (33424 bytes)doll803.jpg (40460 bytes)
STUNNING E.J.   E8J Depose  18in
Pure bisque, painted perfect.  All in Excellent condition.
Pink silk dress.   All original

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DSCN6235.JPG (188003 bytes)DSCN6228.JPG (97359 bytes)
All Original
Excellent condition 

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DSCN8694.JPG (66103 bytes)DSCN8692.JPG (33556 bytes) 24 inches Steiner A 17 Le Parisien $6,800


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steiner.jpg (84046 bytes) Stunning FRENCH 10 1/2 inch  Bisque Head STEINER Bebe This is a 10 1/2 inch Diamond.  Made in Germany circa: 1880's.  Eyes: set, glass threaded blue  facial paint: perfection, perfection, perfection.  Bisque head in mint condition.  No damage in any way. No, cracks hairlines, chips, pepper marks, etc. closed mouth  Head marked: A 2 PARIS  Body: All original 5 piece compo body with straight wrists in excellent condition. marked= in blue le petit parisien  BeBe steiner  Clothing: Dressed to kill in terra cotta color fabric with hand made laces on dress and matching hat are in excellent condition.  Socks and Shoes: She wears her original black socks and leather brown shoes in excellent condition.  Her wig is original and in good condition.  $5,000.00                          more pics 1
doll405.jpg (47962 bytes)doll404.jpg (44775 bytes) 16 inch Jumeau all mint condition  $4,800.00
jumeau5.jpg (53465 bytes) Exquisite! ALL ORIGINAL 15in TETE JUMEAU DOLL We have a most beautiful 15 inch TETE JUMEAU doll.  Made 1885-86 in France. The doll is all original from top to bottom. It is marked in back of the head.  DEPOSE TETE JUMEAU B10   S.G.D.G. 5 plus the artist mark ty11 The doll in in excellent condition from top to bottom.  The bisque head is free of any cracks, hairlines, chips, pepper marks, etc  It is flaw free.  The eyes are a rich threaded blue, to kill for!  Her face is painted to perfection, to die for!  The wig is original in excellent condition held down buy a caulk pate.  The body is in excellent shape.  The original silk and lace dress is in excellent condition.  There is a little fraying to the bow that I have plainly shown in the picture. That adds to the charm.  Under the dress is a small 1/8 inch stain inside the fold of the dress in the back.  The original shoes are in excellent condition and match the dress in a pale rich pink.  The socks are original and in excellent condition. $4,700.00                      more pics 1 2
fashion7.jpg (91457 bytes) All Original F.G. 19 inch French Fashion Doll Beautiful blue glass threaded eyes. Leather body in excellent condition. Bisque mint. Delicate silk & lace cream dress.  Rich undergarments. Leather French shoes   $3,700.00                                 more pics 1 2
fashion3.jpg (97499 bytes) All Original 11 inch F.G. French Fashion Doll Mint Bisque, leather body.  Blue expressive glass eyes. French leather shoes. Rich undergarments. A Gem Delicate cream pleated silk and lace dress.F. Gauldier $2,500.00

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doll400.jpg (53559 bytes) 4 inch French called all bisque doll 5 pc body in MINT condition.
Face painted to perfection.  Glass eyes blue.  Marked but cant make out numbers. closed mouth 2 strapped shoes.  Silk original outfit.  Has her metal carriage marked France  All bisque doll in carriage with movable arms.  $1,500.00  

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clown 1.JPG (23482 bytes)
33 inch French Doll 1880's Clown man doll holding metal horn
Shoes weighted for free standing Felt face and hands.
Show stopper!!!  $1,500.00

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marotte12.jpg (36917 bytes) Largest French Marrotte 1880's ever made 32 inches long
Marked with a scroll FG All Original in excellent condition.
Minor fray of silk. $1,300.00

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doll101.jpg (25069 bytes) Beautiful All Original 10 in. Bisque Head Doll made for the French Market Made for the french market.  Made 1899.  The doll was made by G. Kuhnlenz mareked 41-21.  The bisque head is in excellent condition.  Molded with detail to die for, with a diimple on the chin. The painting of the face is superb.  He has glass blown threaded eyes and they are blue.  He has an open mouth with 2 little teeth.  Body marked with the original paper label saying: Emma Betta Berlin Jointed at elbows and knees.  All in excellent condition.  The outfit is detailed to the hilt with a silver anchor on the shirt and on the collar.  The wig is original in excellent shape.  There are a few minor moth holes in the garment that only add charm to the charactor of the doll.  The shoes are fine leather with silver buckles.  Mark this one a ten. $975.00          more pics 1 2 3 4 5
french 102.JPG (42324 bytes)
1900-05 French 4 inch all bisque doll
blue glass eyes
closed mouth  $250.00


french 100.JPG (34291 bytes)french 101.JPG (51973 bytes)
1905-10 Bisque Head French Doll 5 inch
glass eyes 4 tiny teeth 


DSCN6989.JPG (29582 bytes)DSCN6990.JPG (47450 bytes)  
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