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painting20.jpg (120197 bytes)painting21.jpg (144830 bytes)painting22.jpg (43347 bytes) Artist Deborah Sall
10' CUSTOM Wall and Floor painting services available.
We paint on anything, Lamps, furniture, glass, mirror, fabric, plastic, metal, wood. New York City area.
$100.00 and up
painting23.jpg (46358 bytes) Artist; Deborah Sall 1969
Acrylic on canvas 2 ft x 4 ft In a silver chrome frame
painting.jpg (45458 bytes) OIL  BY TOBY TUNIS SIGNED
18x28   28x38 with custom frame made by the artist.  $1,200.00
sculpture1.jpg (22185 bytes) Garden Sculpture Plus Artist: John Dean
Staten Island, New York Wood Sculpture works
A splendid view from any angle.  15 inches high on 10 inch square base.  $450.00
Please contact us for pictures on other works
and garden sculptures.
$300.00 to $2,000.00
willing to ship
DSCN3222.JPG (172212 bytes)
Artist Pat Basirico
1985  $200


DSCN6215.JPG (163545 bytes)  
DSCN6217.JPG (430917 bytes)
victorian in wood frame

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